• Discounts will calculate at check out for some items and other items will have their sales price listed in red. All items and discounts are listed below. 
  • Non-Vulcan brand products, Closeouts, Equipment Packages, and products on sale will not receive any further discount.
  • Alpha Bumper Plate discount applies to 55 lb, 35 lb, and 15 lb plates purchased as pairs only.  This sale may not last the duration of Cyber week.  It is subject to end if/when quantities are depleted.
  • Please allow 5-7 business days to process orders.  Actual transit times may be delayed due to inclement weather and/or Black Friday sales volume nationally.
  • Free shipping is available on items that are listed as Free Shipping.  Check for this Icon on the product or FREE SHIPPING listed in the product description.  Free Shipping applies to the Cont USA only.  Please contact us for international orders, Hawaii, and Alaska purchases

Orders totaling over $4999 (Cont. USA Only)
Items specifically listed for free shipping (restrictions may apply)
7% DISCOUNT(Calculates at Check Out)

Colored Bumper Plates (lbs) [pairs and sets]] 
Urethane Bumper Plates (lbs) [pairs and sets]
Absolute Calibrated Steel Powerlifting Plates (kgs) [pairs and sets]
Color Training Kilogram Bumper Plates [pairs and sets] 
Absolute Training -Competition Bumper Plates - Alpha Fleck (kgs) [pairs]
Rubber Coated Olympic Weight Plates (lbs) [pairs and sets]
Kilogram V-Lock Rubber Training Discs [pairs and sets]
Absolute Competition Kilogram Change Plates [pairs]
Compression Barbell Collars – 1 kg [pair]
Pro Olympic Competition Barbell Collars - 2.5 kg [pair]
Black V-Lock Rubber Training Discs (lbs) [pairs and sets]
Prime Pound Change Plates [pairs]
Specialty Bars
Rubber Hex Dumbbells [pairs]
Power Rack and Pull-Up Rig Attachments/Accessories (not included in other locked-in discounts)
Anvil 3” x 3” Glute Ham Developer / Raise
Vulcan Equipment Storage Racks (all options)
Weightlifting Platforms [Basic and Deluxe]
Climbing Ropes
Battling Ropes
Interval Timer [small and large]
Nylon Weightlifting Belts

Core Wedge
Soft Plyometric Boxes
H-Basic Squat Stand
Pro Hex Dumbbell [sets]
500 lb and 1000 lb Black Bumper Plates Sets

10% DISCOUNT(Locked in)

Standard Rubber Hex Dumbbells [sets] 
Urethane Dumbbells [pairs]
PRO Ballistic Medicine Balls
Vulcan Strength Apparel

Strength Bands

Chalk Stands

Wood Peg Board

Technique Plates [pairs and sets]


12% DISCOUNT(Locked in)

Scull Rower Ergometer
2”x 3” Glute Ham Developer / Raise
Elite Half Rack
Pro Half Rack
Absolute Kilogram Change Plates [sets]
Prime Pound Change Plates [sets]

Absolute Training -Competition Bumper Plates - Alpha Fleck [sets]

Black Bumper Plates [pairs and sets 350 lb to 370 lb] 


Absolute Competition Bumper Plates [pairs and sets]
All Olympic and Powerlifting Barbells (not included in other locked-in discounts) 


Pro Hex Dumbbells [pairs]


15% DISCOUNT(Locked in)

3”x 3” Power RacksElite Pull-Up Rigs, Hammer II Squat Stands, and Olympic Adjustable Squat Stands (not included in other locked-in discounts)
Black Training Kilogram Bumper Plates [pairs and sets]                                                               

Gymnastic Grip Pairs
Weight Benches


20% DISCOUNT(Locked in)

Vulcan 55 lb Alpha Bumper Plate Pairs
Vulcan 35 lb Alpha Bumper Plate Pairs
Vulcan 15 lb Alpha Bumper Plate Pairs
Soft Medicine Balls
Slam Balls
Elite Wood Gymnastic Rings
Sandbag Trainers
Atlas Sand Bags
Safety Spotter Straps for Vulcan Power Rack [1” attachment]
7 mm Weightlifting Belts [embossed and embroidered]
10 mm  Powerlifting Belts [embossed and embroidered]
13 mm Powerlifting Belts [embossed and embroidered]
Speed Ropes
Black/White, Red/White, and Blue/White Wrist Wraps Pairs

25% DISCOUNT(Locked in)

Absolute Competition Kettlebells
Absolute Training Kettlebells
Vulcan 20 kg V4.0 Elite Olympic Bearing Barbell
Vulcan 15 kg V4.0 Elite Olympic Bearing Barbell



30% DISCOUNT(Locked in)

Vulcan Red/Black and Blue/Black 5 mm Neoprene Knee Sleeves (pair)

Rehband 5 mm Knee Sleeve RX


40% DISCOUNT(Locked in)

7 mm White Weightlifting Belt [embossed]

Current Closeout Items
(First-Come, First-Served with Limited Stock. Check Website for Availability.)

Vulcan B-Side Olympic Barbells (12% to 30%)

Urethane Bumper Plate Pairs (48%)
Black Bumper Plate Pairs (30% to 40%)
Knee Wrap Pairs (10%)
Slam Balls (20%)
V1.0 Kettlebells (45%) Vulcan Black Competition Bumper Plate Pairs (32% to 35%)
No Further Discount!

Closeout Items
Equipment Packages
Bumper Plate and Barbell Combination Packages
Alpha Bumper Sets
Dumbbell and Rack Combination Sets
Non-Vulcan Brand Products (Unless Specified Otherwise)

Vulcan Cyber Week Sale 2019 Prices, Specials, and Discounts do not apply to previous orders.
Other Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does this sale apply to Canada / Hawaii / Alaska / Puerto Rico etc?
A: Yes, the sales prices do apply to locations outside of the continental United States, however, additional shipping costs may apply. Please contact us for more information.

Q: Do Closeout products qualify for additional discounts?
A: No, Closeout products will not receive further discount, however, they do contribute to the shopping cart total used to determine the Tier Discount.


Q: How long will it take for my order to ship?
A: Due to expected increased volume of orders during this time, please expect orders of in-stock items to ship within 1 to 7 business days. Transit times listed on our website will not apply to shipping carriers during this holiday rush season. The carriers themselves will have much greater shipping volumes and any inclement weather in certain geographical locations may affect shipping and transit times.

 Once your equipment order is shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation and the relevant tracking information via e-mail. See more details about shipping here: [Vulcan Shipping Policy]. The status of your order will remain in “Processing” until they are shipped.


Q: How long does this sale last?
A: Vulcan Strength Cyber Week Sale ends Jan 9th
Q: Does the Cyber Week  Sale pricing apply to an equipment quote I received earlier?
A: No, the sales prices apply to orders placed through our website, during the sales event only.
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